Janes-Melus Family Tree


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Adam Robert Samuel Janes
Addie Lulu Janes
June 11, 1891127Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario2February 24, 19685076Warwick, Ontario
Adeline Janes
Adeline Janes
after 18961220died young
Adeline Janes
after 18791390
Agnes Anna Janes
November 7, 1851166Warwick Village6February 16, 19219769Bad Axe, Michigan, U.S.A.
Agnes Maud Janes
March 13, 1917101Saskatchewan3
Albert Janes
about 18791390190211623Died in the west, probably Edmonton, Alberta
Alfreda Ellen Janes
Alice Victoria Janes
September 5, 18991190
Ann Erland Janes
Anna Clarice Lorraine Janes
Anne Marie Janes
Arthur Janes
March 22, 18591590September 19, 187614217Delaware, Ontario
Audrey Muriel Janes
January 3, 19161020
Barbara Janes
Bessie Irene Janes
Boy Janes
January 18851330January 18851330Died at birth
Brett Janes
Calla Evelyn Janes
Cameron Stanley Janes
Carol Ann Janes
Cassandra Leigh Janes
Catharine Matilda Janes
October 23, 192691Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada0September 18, 19942467Toronto, Ontario
Cecil Meredith Janes
July 5, 1892126Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario1December 15, 19378045Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario
Charles Arthur Janes
March 7, 18771410February 5, 19328654
Charles Eusebius Janes
March 29, 1888130Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario5June 21, 19833595C.E.E. Hospital, Petrolia, Ontario
Charles Gordon Janes
December 24, 18861310December 2, 19655278Wainwright, Alberta, Canada
Charles Hamilton Janes
October 13, 1854163Warwick Village3April 13, 191610261London, Ontario
Charles Meredith Janes
not Janes Also known as Jeans
about 1824194Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England9March 10, 187414450Warwick, Ontario
Charles Redvers Janes
October 18, 1906111Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario0February 20, 19694962Sarnia, Ontario
Child Janes
April 18861320May 18861320Samuel Janes' plot, Delaware, Ontario
Christopher William Richard Janes
Clara Belle Janes
October 19, 18881292September 15, 19645475London, Ontario, Canada
Corbett William Janes
Craig Robert Janes
David George Janes
Donald Arthur Janes
September 18, 1892126Caradoc Township, Ontario, Canada1January 19734580
Dougall Gordon Goldwin Janes
February 3, 1910108Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada3May 30, 19912781Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital, Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
at 2:10 am
Earle Samuel Janes
September 19, 19141044November 11, 19694855Watford, Ontario, Canada
Earnest Middleton Janes
April 2, 18921261June 2, 19516759Buckley, Washington, USA
Edmund Roy Janes
Edward Paul Janes
Eleanor Jean Janes
Elizabeth Jane Janes
November 6, 18621550November 20, 19387976Delaware, Ontario, Canada
Ella Janes
Ella Janes
Ella Mildred Janes
November 10, 1914103Saskatchewan3November 19991884
Elsie Louise Janes
August 10, 1881137Kilworth, Ontario319556373Delaware, Ontario
Emily Susan Janes
Ernest Clifford Janes M.D.
June 25, 18991192November 7, 19665167Hamilton, Ontario
Etta Mae Janes
May 7, 18941242October 10, 19704776Appin, Ontario, Canada
Frances Anne Janes
Frances Elizabeth Janes
Francis Elizabeth Janes
George Murray Janes
August 7, 18641543May 25, 19496984London, Ontario, Canada
George Thomas Janes
August 23, 1904114Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario3October 12, 19892885Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital, Strathroy, Ontario
Gertrude Janes
1885133Byron, Ontario0October 20, 19694884Delaware, Ontario
Gladys Edna Janes
1895123Caradoc Township, Ontario, Canada0March 13, 19803885Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario
Gladys Mae Janes
September 9, 19111072December 28, 19991888Forest, Ontario, Canada
Gwendoline Audrey Janes
May 13, 192098Calgary, Alberta, Canada4
Harriet Ann Janes
October 29, 18571600February 25, 19249466London, Ontario
Harry Wesley Janes
1877141Delaware, Ontario, Canada019526675Delaware, Ontario, Canada
Heather Bess Janes
Helah A. Janes
May 9, 1894124San Francisco, California, U.S.A.0May 21, 19378143Colma, California
Helen Christina Janes
Helen Margaret Janes
March 9, 194771Hamilton, Ontario1December 19694822
Henry Janes
April 26, 18551635April 24, 19279171
Henry Janes
18821360February 23, 18831351Delaware, Ontario
Henry Brian Janes
Hilary Kathleen Janes
Homer Cameron Janes
September 16, 192197319982076
Indiana Charlotte Janes
Irene Lois Janes
December 11, 19121052December 25, 19981986
Irman Janes
after 18851330
Isla Elizabeth Janes
February 24, 1901117Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario0September 18, 19784077Pinecrest Hospital, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
James Austin Janes
September 27, 18811364November 18, 19368155Killed in a dynamite accident, Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Janet Allen Janes
March 10, 1864154Warwick Township, Lambton County4November 16, 19417677Toronto, Ontario
Janet Ellen Janes
Jean Janes
after 18801380after 18801380
Jennifer Ruth Janes
Joan Janes
John Burley Janes
June 1, 1890128Komoka, Ontario4January 13, 19714780St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
John Burley Janes
May 2, 185316512September 23, 19229569Delaware, Ontario, Canada
John Burley Janes Jr.
January 28, 192098London, Ontario3July 28, 20041484Lambeth, Ontario, Canada
Julie Janes
Kathleen Anne Janes
Kathryn Janes
August 3, 196355London, Ontario2June 9, 2009945Strathroy Hospital
Kenneth Joseph Janes
July 15, 195563Vancouver, British Columbia0July 13, 20011745British Columbia
Kim Janes
Larry Samuel Janes
September 30, 194770Sarnia, Ontario0April 13, 19843436San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Lena Janes
between 1881 and 18871372Mount Pleasant Cemetery, London, Ontario
Leslie Thomas George Janes
Leyden Alta Janes
July 19, 18911273March 25, 19873195Elgin General Hospital, St. Thomas, Ontario
Lillian Emma Janes
July 27, 18931253
Lillian Sarah Janes
December 26, 19151022Mitchell, Ontario
Linda Janes
Linda Janes
Lindsey Addison Janes
Lorinda Gayle Janes
Lorna Janes
Lorne Vernon Janes
18921263November 18, 19754283Hamilton, Ontario at Chedoke Hospital
Lynda Elizabeth Janes
Lynne Janes
Margaret Alice Janes
October 22, 1916101Temiskaming District, Ontario, Canada0January 24, 19982081London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario, Canada
Margaret Ann Janes
January 22, 1871147Warwick Township, Lambton County7April 11, 19487077her daughter's, Adelaide, Ontario
Margaret Ethel Janes
September 25, 1913104Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada6November 9, 20031490
Margaret Vida Janes
October 26, 19081092
Mary Janes
about 1813205St. John's Church, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England0December 15, 18152022Glastonbury, England
Mary Janes
about 1797221St. John's Church, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England0
Mary Ann Ingles Janes
October 7, 1857160Warwick Township, Lambton County8before 19308872London, Ontario
Mary Elizabeth Janes
Mary Elizabeth Janes
October 20, 192592Toronto, Ontario4September 17, 19991973Scarborough, Ontario
Mary Elizabeth Janes
December 8, 193285Sarnia, Ontario4January 8, 2011778Southfield, Michigan
Mary Emma Janes
October 27, 18731440May 16, 188613212Died of consumption or tuberculosis, Delaware, Ontario, Canada
Mary Evelyn Janes
March 29, 19011170April 24, 19982097Strathroy General Hospital, Strathroy Ontario
Mary Florence Janes
April 24, 1885
April 4, 1885
1335October 13, 19803795St. Mary's Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada
Mary Margaret Janes
Matilda Meredith Janes
about 1828190Glastonbury, England8July 19, 190211674Byron, Ontario, Canada
Max Michael Janes
Meghan Lynn Janes
Molly Janes
Nellie Bryden Janes
March 7, 18961221
Owen Samuel Kuiper Janes
Parker Janes
Paul Robert Janes
Peter Edward Janes
Quincy Richard Janes
Rayburne Baird Janes
July 3, 1894124Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario2March 7, 19655370St. Joseph's Hospital, Sarnia, Ontario
Rhonda Lynne Janes
Richard Charles Janes
May 4, 195365Sarnia, Ontario1February 4, 20071153Henderson General Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario
Robert Janes
Robert Auld Janes
May 20, 1862156Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario9November 24, 19308768London Hospital, Ontario
Robert Austin Janes
July 20, 1918100Elbow, Saskatchewan3January 16, 20001881
Robert Grant Janes II M.D.
Robert Grant Janes III
Robert Grant Janes M.D.
September 14, 1902116Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario2February 3, 19784075Parkinson's Disease; Sun City, Arizona, U.S.A.
Robert Joseph Janes
February 28, 192296Hamilton, Ontario019912768
Robert Meredith Janes
September 6, 18941242November 28, 19665172Toronto, Ontario
Robert Milton Janes
September 5, 18831350June 19595975Delaware, Ontario, Canada
Robert Milton Janes
December 8, 192295Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada0August 6, 20021679Parkwood Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada
Robert Wallis Janes
Roger Janes
Ross Edward Janes
Ruth Bernice Janes
July 6, 192395Warwick, Ontario2November 8, 2017094Twin Lakes Terrace, Sarnia, Ontario
Samuel Janes
February 6, 18521665September 2, 188513333of consumption or tuberculosis, Delaware, Ontario, Canada
Samuel Lewis Janes
April 4, 18811375January 2, 19625680Watford, Ontario, Canada
Samuel Janes M.D.
October 16, 1861156Warwick Township, Lambton County2about 19437581Marquette, Michigan
Samuel Meredith Janes
about 1793225Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England4May 27, 187014877Warwick, Ontario, Canada
Sarah Louisa Janes
April 13, 18701480September 5, 188713117Died of consumption or tuberculosis, Delaware, Ontario, Canada
Sharon Idell Janes
Shawn Janes
Shawna Lynne Janes
Sheila Janes
Samuel Jeanes
spelling an issue in church records Janes
about 1761257St. John's Church, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England3
Spencer John Thomas Janes
Stuart Baird Janes
Susan Melinda Janes
May 7, 18661520June 16, 188613220Died of consumption or tuberculosis, Delaware, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Gordon Janes
November 10, 194077Sarnia, Ontario, Canada2October 17, 2015274Bluewater Village, at home, Sarnia, Ontario
Thomas Ingles Janes
June 16, 1866152Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario1December 30, 19566190San Mateo, California
Thomas Robert Janes
Toni Ellen Janes
Warren Bruce Janes
November 14, 19021152March 10, 19823679Victoria Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada
Wilbur Corbett Baird Janes M.D.
October 4, 192394Winnipeg, Manitoba7December 12, 19764153British Columbia
William Janes
February 22, 1860158Janes Homestead, Lot 14, 3NER, Warwick Township, Lambton County6December 29, 19298869at farm on lot 9, second line north in Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario
William Janes
about 1795223St. John's Church, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England0
William Bond Janes
July 4, 18681502May 1, 19388069Died after a 15 year illness in Mitchell, Ontario
William Franklin Janes
18781402April 20, 19615783Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
William Gordon Janes
February 28, 192296Hamilton, Ontario2January 27, 20001877Toronto, Ontario
William Kenneth Janes
September 17, 1817201Glastonbury, England11June 6, 188813070Delaware, Ontario, Canada
William Kenneth Janes
February 4, 1918100London, Ontario2October 20, 19793861Delaware, Ontario, Canada
William Kenneth Janes
July 16, 18891290July 18, 19793990Watford, Ontario
William Wilbur Janes
June 25, 1898120Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario1January 12, 19764277Langford, British Columbia