Janes-Melus Family Tree

Malcolm Cecil CampbellAge: 91 years19021994

Malcolm Cecil Campbell
Birth July 16, 1902
MarriageMary Esther McLeanView this family
June 3, 1933 (Age 30 years)

Death of a wifeMary Esther McLean
April 2, 1984 (Age 81 years)
Death April 10, 1994 (Age 91 years)
Family with Mary Esther McLean - View this family
Malcolm Cecil Campbell
Birth: July 16, 1902Brooke Twp. Lambton County, Ontario
Death: April 10, 1994Four Counties Hospital, Newbury, Ontario
Mary Esther McLean
Birth: June 11, 1911Brooke Twp. Lambton County, Ontario
Death: April 2, 1984Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital
Marriage: June 3, 1933