Janes-Melus Family Tree

Catharine and Cecil Janes

Catharine Matilda JanesAge: 67 years19261994

Catharine Matilda Janes
Birth October 23, 1926
University of Western Ontario, London ON

Death of a paternal grandfatherRobert Auld Janes
November 24, 1930 (Age 4 years)
Death of a fatherCecil Meredith Janes
December 15, 1937 (Age 11 years)
Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis
Death of a motherIda Elliott Clark
July 8, 1972 (Age 45 years)
Manager of training design, Bell Canada

Cause of death (Facts Pg)
Death September 18, 1994 (Age 67 years)
Burial 1994 (Age 67 years)
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Robert (father), Charlie, Dougall, George, Wilbur, Cecil, Grant, Ray Janes circa 1929Cecil Meredith Janes
Birth: July 5, 1892Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario
Death: December 15, 1937Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario
Marriage: August 1, 1922Sunnyside Farm, Bosanquet (Thedford), Ontario
4 years
Catharine and Cecil JanesCatharine Matilda Janes
Birth: October 23, 1926Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
Death: September 18, 1994Toronto, Ontario

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