Marion Mabel McLachlin, 19151998 (aged 83 years)

1973 Marion & David Janes at Eton Court, Lambton County
Marion Mabel McLachlin
weighed 5 pounds
May 17, 1915
Birth of a brotherLloyd George McLachlin
1916 (aged 0)

Death of a brotherLloyd George McLachlin
about 1917 (aged 1 year)
Death of a maternal grandmotherMary Ann Taylor
November 16, 1917 (aged 2 years)

Death of a brotherLloyd George McLachlin
1919 (aged 3 years)
Birth of a brotherLorne Edwin McLachlin
May 29, 1921 (aged 6 years)
red curly hair with a temper to match
between 1915 and 1932 (aged 16 years)
Education 1 1921 (aged 5 years)
Education 2 between 1928 and 1932 (aged 16 years)
Education 3
nursing; received RN on January 16, 1936
between 1932 and 1935 (aged 19 years)
Registered Nurse, private duty; housewife
1935 (aged 19 years)

Death of a paternal grandfatherJohn T. McLachlan
January 12, 1936 (aged 20 years)

Death of a paternal grandmotherMargaret Campbell
September 14, 1937 (aged 22 years)

Birth of a son
Thomas Gordon Janes
November 10, 1940 (aged 25 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherHenry Ormerod
December 18, 1943 (aged 28 years)

Birth of a son
David George Janes
April 8, 1957 (aged 41 years)
Death of a fatherAlexander McLachlin
December 7, 1958 (aged 43 years)
Death of a motherFlossie Belle Ormerod
February 22, 1983 (aged 67 years)
Death of a husbandDougall Gordon Goldwin Janes
May 30, 1991 (aged 76 years)
Cause: Pneumonia
Burial of a husbandDougall Gordon Goldwin Janes
June 1, 1991 (aged 76 years)
Death October 27, 1998 (aged 83 years)
Burial October 30, 1998 (3 days after death)
after 1939 a member of Paterson Memorial Church, Sarnia

from 1915 until married a member of Guthrie Presbyterian Church,Alvinston, Ontario

Family with parents
1914 Flossie Ormerod and Sandy McLachlin
Birth: February 11, 1889Brooke Twp. Lambton County, Ontario
Death: December 7, 1958Alvinston, Ontario, Canada
1914 Flossie Ormerod and Sandy McLachlin
Birth: July 30, 1895Enniskillen Twp., Lambton County
Death: February 22, 1983Sarnia General Hospital, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Marriage: March 25, 1914Presbyterian manse, Alvinston, ON
14 months
1973 Marion & David Janes at Eton Court, Lambton County
Birth: weighed 5 poundsMay 17, 1915born at home on farm near Alvinston, Brooke Township, Lambton County
Death: October 27, 1998Sarnia General Hospital, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
20 months
younger brother
Birth: 1916
Death: about 1917May have died 1919
6 years
younger brother
Birth: May 29, 1921(at home) Brooke Township, Ontario, Canada
Death: October 12, 2005Alvinston, Lambton County, Ontario
Family with Dougall Gordon Goldwin Janes
Robert (father), Charlie, Dougall, George, Wilbur, Cecil, Grant, Ray Janes circa 1929
Birth: February 3, 1910Warwick Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
Death: May 30, 1991Charlotte Eleanor Englehart Hospital, Petrolia, Ontario, Canada
1973 Marion & David Janes at Eton Court, Lambton County
Birth: weighed 5 poundsMay 17, 1915born at home on farm near Alvinston, Brooke Township, Lambton County
Death: October 27, 1998Sarnia General Hospital, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Tom Janes 1940-2015
Birth: November 10, 1940Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Death: October 17, 2015Bluewater Village, at home, Sarnia, Ontario
Paul Robert Janes
1973 Marion & David Janes at Eton Court, Lambton County
Birth: April 8, 1957Sarnia General Hospital, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Death: February 21, 2019Bluewater Health Centre, Sarnia, Ontario
Shared note

Marion was born on what was called the Blind Line (Brooke Line) north of Alvinston. Farm life was her environment.

She was named after her grandmother "Mary Ann" Ormerod. "Mabel" was for her mother's sister Lena Mabel Ormerod. Kids at school would tease her "Marion Mabel jumped over the table."

She remembers a pull toy horse and cart as her first toy. Her favourite activities were card games, dominoes and crokinole. If she misbehaved her father used a razor strap around the legs. In winter she would go sleigh riding and skating; in summer riding a bicycle. She took some piano lessons, but "was not good at it." Family get togethers were her favourite activity. Her mother had 2 brothers and 7 sisters.

She attended elementary school a mile from her home at what is now the corner of Shiloh Line and River Street. Cars were not common in her youth. She remembered one Christmas when the roads were heavily covered with snow. Her father hitched up the horse and sleigh and drove the family to town on December 24. Often they had to cross fields when the snow banks were too large on the road. When they finally arrived in town her father Sandy stayed with the horse and sleigh, driving up and down the main street so that the sweating horse would not have to stand wet as they shopped. Christmas shopping that year was done in less than an hour.

Marion went on to secondary school in Alvinston. Her favourite classes were Math and Geography; her least favourite history. The subjects listed on her Diploma include: Lower School - Br. History & Physiography, Botany, Arithmetic, Zoology, English Grammar, Art, Geography; Middle School - Canadian History, Algebra, Geometry, French Composition & Authors, Physics, Latin Composition & Authors, Chemistry, Ancient History, English Literature & Composition;

She was accepted into nursing at Sarnia General Hospital in January, half way through the course. With great affection she remembered her classmates who helped her catch up when she was extremely homesick, this being her first time away from family. Marion was one of 11 graduates from Sarnia General in 1935. She entertained the graduating class at the home of her cousin, Anna (Whiting) Janes, with the assistance of her cousin Ida (Whiting) Welch. They made red and white hats and played Keno before enjoying refreshments.

Marion visited often with her cousins, Anna Janes and Ida Welch who were related to the McLachlins. Anna's husband came from a large family in Warwick Twp. One of his brothers was Dougall Janes. Dougall was quiet, tall, and a "good guy to be with." Soon Marion and Dougall were dating. They mostly went to the beach and a few dances. Their marriage was " a mutual agreement" when they could afford it. Money was scarce. A dinner party was held in her honour by her fellow graduates a month before the wedding at the home of Mrs. Grant Cates. They presented her with a silver cream and sugar service. A miscellaneous shower and was held in Marion's honour, hosted by Mrs Zen Watson, Bernice Sutherland and Jean Anderson.

They were married on a hot day, July 8, 1939 at the Paterson Memorial Church manse by Rev. W. Ross Adams. None of the McLachlins were there as they felt it was not a good match. Only a couple of good friends attended the wedding. Marion wore a white aero pebbled crepe dress with white accessories and wore a corsage of red roses adn white delphinium. There were no bridallattendants. A reception and buffet luncheon were held at the home of Mrs Agnes Jones following the ceremony

They took a week motor trip to Toronto, Niagara, Midland and Wasaga Beach. Their first night was in Hamilton (see hotel receipt).

Dougall was making $15 a week working in his brother Ray's store at the corner of Confederation and Brock Strets. The apartment above the store was rent free.

In November, 1940 Marion quit working as a nurse to raise her family. Tom was born on November 10, 1940 and Paul on June 23, 1943. In the fifties, with the children both in school, Marion went back to work part time, preparing special formulas for babies at Sarnia General Hospital.

On April 8, 1957 her son David was born. Once again Marion retired from nursing.

Although the relationship with the McLachlins had a rocky start, Marion had a long lasting and strong interdependence and love with her family. The trip to Alvinston was a common part of the family's life. It was a terrible shock when her father Sandy died on December 8, 1958.

Dougall and Marion lived in a rent free apartment on Confederation Street, above his brother Ray's grocery store, then 562 Wellington St for a few months before moving to 188 Stuart St. In 1958 they moved to 1046 Wellington St. In retirement they moved to Eton Court in Camlachie to be near the lake, then made a final move back to Wellington Street in the Sandpiper Apartment building for seniors.

Dougall and Marion loved to travel and passed this love on to their family. They often visited family across southern Canada and most of the United States. They enjoyed camping with trailers and boating on the St. Clair River and on Lake Huron.

Marion and Dougall spent many winters in Florida at Winterhaven and Lakeland.

After Dougall's death, Marion became a leader among her friends and often drove them on outings. She seemed to be in excellent health. Her death on October 27, 1998 was an unbelievable shock to both friends and family.