Helen Grace Howson, 19071984 (aged 76 years)

Helen Grace Howson
Birth October 10, 1907


Peggy or Peg

Birth of a brotherJohn Roy Howson
1909 (aged 1 year)

Birth of a brotherFrank George Howson
1911 (aged 3 years)

Death of a maternal grandmotherElizabeth McLachlan
October 28, 1923 (aged 16 years)
Cause: Chronic Nephrities
Death of a brotherFrank George Howson
1954 (aged 46 years)

Death of a brotherJohn Roy Howson
1960 (aged 52 years)
Death of a brotherHarry Scott Howson
1965 (aged 57 years)

Death of a motherAnna W. McCallum
May 1966 (aged 58 years)

Death of a fatherHarold Howson
1971 (aged 63 years)
Residence between 1968 and 1984 (aged 76 years)
Death 1984 (aged 76 years)

Family with parents
younger brother
Betty June Howson
younger brother
-4 years
elder brother
2 years
Shared note

Aunt Peg helped Sue Proost with her 4 young children in San Jose and Sue says she was a "wonderful influence" on them.

Sue Proost says her Aunt Peg invented a plastic eye, because the glass eyes made at her place of employment were too heavy.