Matilda Meredith Janes, 18281902 (aged 74 years)

Birth about 1828
Baptism April 7, 1828 (aged 0)
Birth of a sonEdward Orman
May 18, 1852 (aged 24 years)

Birth of a daughterAnnie Bella Orman
May 1, 1855 (aged 27 years)
Birth of a daughterEliza Jane Ormand
February 9, 1857 (aged 29 years)

Birth of a sonWalter Orman
April 7, 1860 (aged 32 years)

Birth of a daughterMary Orman
August 20, 1861 (aged 33 years)

Birth of a sonMeredith Orman
June 24, 1864 (aged 36 years)

Birth of a sonTruman William Ormond
March 19, 1866 (aged 38 years)

Death of a motherAnna Bond
December 8, 1869 (aged 41 years)
Burial of a fatherSamuel Meredith Janes
1870 (aged 42 years)
Death of a fatherSamuel Meredith Janes
May 27, 1870 (aged 42 years)
Burial of a sonEdward Orman
1872 (aged 44 years)
Death of a sonEdward Orman
January 24, 1872 (aged 44 years)
Birth of a daughterCatherine Florence Orman
March 28, 1873 (aged 45 years)

Birth of a grandsonWilliam Oscar Meriam
September 28, 1874 (aged 46 years)
Burial of a brotherCharles Meredith Janes
1874 (aged 46 years)
Death of a brotherCharles Meredith Janes
March 10, 1874 (aged 46 years)
Birth of a grandsonCharles Meredith Meriam Sr.
March 18, 1876 (aged 48 years)
Birth of a granddaughterMary Helena Meriam
June 7, 1878 (aged 50 years)

Burial of a sonMeredith Orman
1879 (aged 51 years)
Death of a sonMeredith Orman
April 1, 1879 (aged 51 years)

Birth of a granddaughterAnnie Bella Meriam
May 28, 1880 (aged 52 years)
Birth of a granddaughterEdith Maude Meriam
March 14, 1882 (aged 54 years)
Birth of a granddaughterJeanetta May Ireland
July 20, 1883 (aged 55 years)

Burial of a daughterMary Orman
1883 (aged 55 years)
Death of a daughterMary Orman
September 8, 1883 (aged 55 years)

Birth of a grandsonJohn Wesley Meriam
October 18, 1884 (aged 56 years)
Birth of a grandsonGeorge Meredith Ireland
April 6, 1885 (aged 57 years)

Death of a brotherWilliam Kenneth Janes
June 6, 1888 (aged 60 years)
Birth of a grandsonTruman Wallace Meriam
October 31, 1888 (aged 60 years)
Burial of a brotherWilliam Kenneth Janes
1888 (aged 60 years)
Burial of a husbandMeredith Orman
1892 (aged 64 years)
Death of a husbandMeredith Orman
May 8, 1892 (aged 64 years)

Birth of a grandsonFrederick Angus Meriam
September 26, 1892 (aged 64 years)
Birth of a granddaughterEdna Winnifred Ireland
April 3, 1893 (aged 65 years)

Birth of a grandsonHugh Trevor Meriam
May 31, 1895 (aged 67 years)
Birth of a granddaughterKate Victoria Meriam
January 1, 1898 (aged 70 years)
Birth of a grandsonArthur Gosnell
1902 (aged 74 years)

Burial of a motherAnna Bond

Death July 19, 1902 (aged 74 years)
Burial 1902 (aged 74 years)
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from Janes Family History (1980)


Matilda Meredith Janes, baptised April 7, 1828 in Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England, lived her entire life in Canada near Byron, Ont. She married Meredith Orman, who was born in Wiltshire, England, in 1822, in the early 1850s.

As a young man Meredith Ormond (There is a name change in the Orman family. Originally it was Ormond. It is said that Meredith Ormond had a half brother who continually got into debt. In order to avoid the bills for the debts, Meredith changed his name to Orman. One son, Truman, kept to the original name.) lived and worked in the Iona area, near St. Thomas. He travelled on foot to court Matilda Janes. Often she would walk through the woods to meet her suitor.

They settled on their 150 acre farm, lot 49, concession B in Westminster Twp., Middlesex County, built a log cabin and cleared the land. This farm is on Commissioner's Road opposite Kain's Road, about 2 miles west of Byron. It remains in the Orman family today (1980) -- after having gone from Matilda and Meredith Orman to their son Walter. Truman Ormond farmed the holding after his father's death [1892] until Walter was able to take over. From Walter Orman the farm went to Meredith and Matilda Orman's granddaughter Helena Meriam Dunn; then to their great-grandson James Dunn. In 1980 it is in the family of James and Marjorie Dunn.

[Walter Orman, oldest living son, had no family so the property went to his sister Annie Orman Meriam 's daughter Mary Helena Meriam Dunn. Was Walter's wife Elizabeth Dunn related to Mary Helena's husband Charles Dunn?]

Matilda and Meredith Orman had eight children -- four boys and four girls. They were: Edward (1852-Jan. 24, 1872); Annie (May 1, 1855-Dec. 24, 1925) who married Wesley Meriam; Eliza (Feb. 9, 1857-July 4, 1923) who married John Ireland; Walter (Apr. 7, 1860-Mar. 20, 1921) who married Elizabeth Dunn; Mary (1861-Sept. 8, 1883);Meredith (1864-Apr. 1, 1879); Truman (Mar. 19, 1866-Dec. 24, 1931) who married Alice Madden; and Catherine (Mar. 28, 1873-Sept. 11, 1918) who married Solomon Gosnell.

Meredith Orman assisted in the building of St. Anne's Anglican Church, Byron, which was opened in 1853. He was laid to rest in St. Anne's Cemetery on May 8, 1892. His wife passed away July 19, 1902, and is buried in the family plot along with several of their family.

Family with parents
Birth: about 1793Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England
Death: May 27, 1870Warwick, Ontario, Canada
Birth: June 1794
Death: December 8, 1869Westminster Township, Ontario, Canada
Marriage MarriageOctober 12, 1812St. John's Church, Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England
15 months
elder sister
Birth: about 1813
Death: December 15, 1815Glastonbury, England
5 years
elder brother
Birth: September 17, 1817Glastonbury, England
Death: June 6, 1888Delaware, Ontario, Canada
7 years
elder brother
Charles Meredith Janes, Jennet Auld Janes
Birth: about 1824Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England
Death: March 10, 1874Warwick, Ontario
5 years
Birth: about 1828Glastonbury, England
Death: July 19, 1902Byron, Ontario, Canada
Family with Meredith Orman
Birth: about 1828Glastonbury, England
Death: July 19, 1902Byron, Ontario, Canada
Birth: May 18, 1852
Death: January 24, 1872Byron, Ontario, Canada
3 years
Birth: May 1, 1855Westminster Township, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada
Death: December 24, 1925Byron, Ontario, Canada
22 months
Birth: February 9, 1857
Death: July 4, 1923
3 years
17 months
Birth: August 20, 1861
Death: September 8, 1883
3 years
Birth: June 24, 1864
Death: April 1, 1879
21 months
Birth: March 19, 1866
Death: December 24, 1931
7 years