Peter Melus, 19792009 (aged 30 years)

Peter /Melus/
airplane mechanic SOU-Letecko Opravarenske, Trencin
Fact 1
Worked at airport in Dortmund, Germany
Death of a paternal grandfather
Burial of a paternal grandfather
Airplane Mechanic in Bratislava
Marriage Fact
automobile accident
October 22, 2009 (aged 30 years)
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abbreviated: He was in a taxi leaving Trnava at 5 am. It is suspected that the taxi driver fell asleep at wheel after he dropped off one of Peter's friends and the taxi ran into a bus.

Slovak newspaper article translated:

October 23, 2009 article about death of Peter Melus

Tragedy near Trnava: collision of taxi with bus. Two dead.

Two people died this morning after the collision of a bus and a private automobile.

Trnava. A head-on collision of a bus and a private auto with the label of a taxi on the door took two lives. The traffic accident took place at 5 am on the road to Bratislava. The driver of the Skoda Octavia was leaving Trnava. The tragedy took place outside the city limits. One death was immediate in the collision. His companion is in Trnava with mildly serious injuries. The third member of the crew in the auto, who sat behind the driver, died after the accident.

Ten people were travelling on the bus coming from the direction of Senec. After the accident the vehicle flew into a tree and ended in the ditch. A doctor treated the driver of the bus on site. According to preliminary information from the police about five people [on the bus] had minor injuries.

[Caption under photo of bus: A deadly accident took place this morning outside Trnava. It took two lives.]

“The driver of the bus had huge luck that the trunk was not head-on,” said one of the attending firemen.

The rescuers had to cut the three people from the private auto. “We had to set free three persons, one of whom the ambulance took to the hospital,” stated the chief of the Trnava Town Fire & Rescue Department, Peter Ivan.

The auto was demolished so much that at first the firemen could not give its make. “At the present time the police are investigating the cause of the traffic accident,” stated Martina Kredatusova, spokesperson for the Trnava police.

This portion of the road is not open for traffic by order of police [my wording, since the Slovak is very convoluted here]. Two of the injured have already been released from a Trnava hospital, according to current information. “A third one remains under observation, he is not in danger of his life,” added the Director of the hospital Martin Tabacek. Some of the injured were also moved to the hospital in Gallant.

Family with parents
Pavol Melus
Helena Paulikova
elder sister
Martina Melusova
elder sister
Maria Melusova
Birth: February 10, 1979
Death: automobile accidentOctober 22, 2009Trnava, Slovakia