John McLachlan, 18051899 (aged 94 years)

Birth 1805

MarriageIsabella WhiteView this family

Birth of a sonArchibald McLachlan

Birth of a daughterCatherine McLachlan

Birth of a daughterBelle McLachlan

Birth of a brotherDonald McLachlan
1807 (aged 2 years)

Death of a fatherAlexander MacLauchlan
1816 (aged 11 years)

Death of a motherElizabeth Kirkwood
January 11, 1828 (aged 23 years)

Birth of a sonDonald McLachlan
January 5, 1840 (aged 35 years)
Birth of a daughterJane McLachlan
February 2, 1842 (aged 37 years)
Birth of a daughterElizabeth McLachlan
1845 (aged 40 years)
Birth of a daughterMargaret McLachlan
November 15, 1848 (aged 43 years)
Burial of a brotherHugh M. MacLachlan
1849 (aged 44 years)
Death of a brotherHugh M. MacLachlan
1849 (aged 44 years)
Birth of a daughterMary McLachlan
1852 (aged 47 years)
Birth of a sonJohn McLachlan
1853 (aged 48 years)

Death of a sonJohn McLachlan
August 20, 1854 (aged 49 years)

Birth of a grandsonAlbert George Minielly
April 18, 1871 (aged 66 years)

Birth of a grandsonJohn Alfred McLachlan
August 27, 1871 (aged 66 years)

Birth of a grandsonArchibald James McLachlan
March 8, 1873 (aged 68 years)

Birth of a granddaughterMargaret Elizabeth Minielly
May 22, 1873 (aged 68 years)

Birth of a grandsonJohn Arthur Minielly
February 14, 1875 (aged 70 years)

Birth of a grandsonDonald Alexander McLachlan
April 7, 1875 (aged 70 years)

Birth of a granddaughterMary Isabella Minielly
May 13, 1876 (aged 71 years)

Birth of a grandsonWilliam McLachlan
1878 (aged 73 years)

Birth of a granddaughterCaroline Jane Minielly
January 6, 1878 (aged 73 years)

Birth of a grandsonRobert William Minielly
July 13, 1880 (aged 75 years)

Death of a grandsonWilliam McLachlan
August 29, 1880 (aged 75 years)

Birth of a granddaughterCatherine Marion Minielly
February 28, 1883 (aged 78 years)

Death of a wifeIsabella White
October 9, 1884 (aged 79 years)

Birth of a grandsonDonald Leslie Minielly
March 14, 1885 (aged 80 years)

Birth of a granddaughterJennie May Minielly
August 23, 1888 (aged 83 years)

Death of a sisterJanet McLachlan
January 11, 1898 (aged 93 years)

Death February 15, 1899 (aged 94 years)

Shared note

John & Isabella Mclachlan (Isabella's Maiden Name:White) came to Canada in 1838, after marriage and brought their three children who they had in Scotland namely Janet, Catherine and Archie with them. They Crossed the ocean on a sailing vessel which took six weeks. They cleared some land and built a log house on the banks of a small stream called Fox Creek, known later as Gold Creek in Komoka, Ontario, Canada. John Mclachlan received the deed to the farm in Lobo, Ontario, Canada in 1845. The farm he obtained in Lobo was Lot 7 Concession 5. He paid 75 pounds for 100 acres. Lot 7 Concession 5 in Komoka, Ontario.

Shared note

John Mclachlan & Isabella White Married and moved into a frame house in 1880

Family with parents
younger brother
-11 months
-22 years
elder brother
Family with Isabella White
Marriage Marriage
2 years
4 years
4 years
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