Donald Alexander McLachlan, 18751953 (aged 78 years)

Donald Alexander /McLachlan/
Birth April 7, 1875

Birth of a brotherWilliam McLachlan
1878 (aged 2 years)

Death of a brotherWilliam McLachlan
August 29, 1880 (aged 5 years)

Death of a paternal grandmotherIsabella White
October 9, 1884 (aged 9 years)

Death of a paternal grandfatherJohn McLachlan
February 15, 1899 (aged 23 years)

Birth of a daughterJean Gordon McLachlan
1906 (aged 30 years)

Birth of a sonDonald Gordon McLachlan
1910 (aged 34 years)

Death of a sonDonald Gordon McLachlan
1912 (aged 36 years)

Death of a fatherDonald McLachlan
August 2, 1914 (aged 39 years)

Birth of a daughterLois Dorthy McLachlan
1918 (aged 42 years)

Death of a daughterLois Dorthy McLachlan
1918 (aged 42 years)

Death of a wifeChristina Elizabeth McVicar
1930 (aged 54 years)

Death of a brotherArchibald James McLachlan
March 27, 1946 (aged 70 years)
Death of a motherMargaret Fraser
September 26, 1950 (aged 75 years)
Death July 6, 1953 (aged 78 years)
Shared note

Donald Mclachlan came to Lobo, Ontario, Canada from Dundee, Quebec. Often named "Blondon" after a famous rope walker, on his account and his athletic ability. Burried in Campbell Cemetery in Lobo, Ontario, Canada. He was married Twice.He has two daughters and a Son (Deceased) . His daughters are Jean Gordon, of Stratford and Marion McLennan of Sarnia. He was a teacher and taught Ella and Harry Brown attended the school ( They are old neighbours on the 6 th Concession). School he taught at was SS #2 down at the corner of the Komoka, Ontario, Canada road and the 5th Conession. The SS #2 was a one room school house, which is presently as of 2006 converted to a house.

Family with parents
Marriage MarriageOctober 1870
11 months
elder brother
19 months
elder brother
2 years
4 years
younger brother
Family with Christina Elizabeth McVicar
5 years
Marion Christine McLachlan
Family with Mary Elizabeth Mack
McEwan McLachlan