Willam Vanstone, 18241904 (aged 80 years)

Birth 1824
Birth of a daughterThurza Ann Vanstone
April 27, 1856 (aged 32 years)

Death of a wifeElizabeth Arthur
August 26, 1883 (aged 59 years)
Birth of a grandsonJames Arthur Young
January 30, 1893 (aged 69 years)

Death January 23, 1904 (aged 80 years)
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Settled in Barnstable Devenshire, England. He was a wagon maker until the typhoid fever swept through the district. The he started to make coffins for the victims. Sometimes so many were required that there was only time to smooth the wood and no carving could be done. In 1870 Willam bought a 200 acre farm north of Lambeth moved him and his wife and ten children. The cattle were driven from Fullarton to Lambeth.