Neil Livingston,

The couple came from Lochgilphead, Argyllshire in a sailing vessel andlanded in Quebec.

Birth of a sonNeil Livingston
March 10, 1827
Birth of a grandsonNeil Livingston
December 19, 1857
Birth of a grandsonNeil Livingston
December 19, 1857
Birth of a grandsonDugald Livingston
June 20, 1859
Birth of a granddaughterChristie Livingston
June 24, 1861
Birth of a granddaughterJanet Livingston
November 18, 1862
Birth of a grandsonDonald Livingston
September 4, 1864
Birth of a grandsonDuncan Livingston
July 14, 1866
Birth of a granddaughterMargaret Jane Livingston
July 12, 1868
Birth of a grandsonJohn Livingston
April 9, 1870
Birth of a grandsonHugh Livingston
January 27, 1872
Death of a grandsonHugh Livingston
July 23, 1872

Birth of a granddaughterSarah Livingston
January 24, 1874
Birth of a granddaughterMary Elizabeth Livingston
February 7, 1877
Burial of a sonNeil Livingston
Death of a sonNeil Livingston
March 28, 1882
Death of a grandsonDonald Livingston
October 3, 1895
Family with Janet McNair
Birth: March 10, 1827Middlesex County, Ontario or Aldborough, Elgin County, Ontario
Death: inflammation of the lungs following great fire of 1881March 28, 1882near Greenleaf, Huron County, Michigan, USA