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excerpts from memoir: One Man's War by Dr. John Earl Abra

Note:Dr Abra met Lieutenant Colonel Janes in 1941.

"While in Ottawa I was introduced to my boss, Lieutenant Colonel Lorne Janes. He was a veteran of World War I and practiced in Calgary. We became great friends ... " [Number 5 Company Canadian Dental Corps was formed in February of 1941, as part of the 3rd Canadian Division.]

"[On Monday, September 15th, 1941 we] left Camp Debert [Nova Scotia] amid a rain storm at 0900 hours, after having been inspected by Lt. Col. Coons of Ottawa and Lt. Col. Janes, Officer Commanding Number Five Company, Canadian Dental Corps (AF).

"Col. Janes, who had driven down from Debert, visited the ship at 1700 hours, much to my relief, and saw for himself the conditions our men were living in. I had been bemoaning the fact that words could never adequately describe the conditions and was relieved of that necessity by his visit. Most of our men slept either on deck or in hallways, the weather is good and they shouold be much more comfortable than in "The Black Hole". It will probably be a different story when we hit the North Atlantic but for the time being will be nice.....

"Probably the most notable event of that winter [1942] was being invited to the investiture of my commanding officer, Colonel Janes, as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire at Buckingham Palace. Colonel Janes had been awarded an OBE by the King [George VI] and was allowed to invite two friends. I went with Lieutenant Colonel Dick McDougal from Victoria and we were suitablly impressed. Marion [Abra] has the invitation in my scrapbook.

"The ceremony was most interesting. We walked up to the big iron gates in front of the palace, where we were met by a Sargeant in the Coldstream Guards and eight or ten guardsmen. They checked our tickets, and then one of the guardsmen said, if you will follow me, I will take you to the investiture. We walked across the open area between the gates and the palace, into the palace and up several flights of stairs. We came into a very large beautiful ornate room, which I imagine was the palace ballroom. It was about half full already and the guardsman just said, 'Come with me' and took us up to the very front row opposite a set of very ornate doors. We sat there for some time because we had got there quite early and exactly at 2:00 the doors opened and the King stepepd forward, dressed as an admiral in the Royal Navy and had eight or ten 'flunkies' around him either in uniform or morning coat. They proceeded immediately with the investiture.

"The first man was a lieutenant in the Royal Air Force who was in a wheel chair, and he was getting the Victoria Cross for bravery beyond the call of duty. After that came a couple of civilians who were being knighted and it was quite interesting to see them kneel in front of the King and be tapped on each shoulder with the official ceremonial sword and then asked to 'arise Sir Biscuit Eater'. They would then rise, bow and back away from the King. The remainder of the line must have been 50 or 60, who were grouped according to the honor they were receiving, and Colonel Janes was among those. When I was congratulating him on becoming an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), he said, 'Well, going back to the first World War, we didn't call it that, we called it 'Other Buggers' Effort'!'

from WATFORD GUIDE ADVOCATE, November 1975

A former resident of Warwick Township, Dr. Lorne V. Janes, a dentist, died in Hamilton onTuesday 18 November 1975 at the age of 83 years. Born in Warwick, Dr. Janes served as a Captain in the Canadian Dental Corps in the first World War. In the second World War, as a Colonel, he was Commanding Officer of the Dental Corps overseas.

He served as head of the dental department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Ottawa, for a short period, after the war and resigned to open his own practise where he practised until his retirement eight years ago. His honours include; Hance to the Order of the British Empire, Honorary Colonel in the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry and Honorary Fellow of the International College of Dentists.

Dr. Janes is survived by his wife, Doris May, sons Robert and William and a daughter Mrs. Lorna Ryan and five grandchildren. Also surviving are brothers Zeb (Charles E.) of Wyoming, Ken of Watford and a sister Mary Evelyn also of Watford. He was predeceased by Dr. Robert Janes of Toronto and Dr. Ernest Janes of Hamilton.

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