History of Janes' Brick & Tile Plant

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History of Janes' Brick & Tile Plant
located on Lot 20, north Longwoods Road, Caradoc Twp.
The business was started sometime between 1875 and 1878 by George Lockwood. He lived in a house just east of the plant.

In 1878 the Hawes Bros. took it over and operated it part of the year.

In 1879 Sam Janes bought the property and operated it until he passed away in 1885. His widow sold everything to Henry Janes in 1886.

Henry made white brick and drainage tile. He added the maple syrup business to the brickyard in 1895, using the 100 acres of sugar bush located about 4 miles south of the tile yard on Burwell Road. Henry built the brick house in 1897.

In 1917 Henry's son Donald took over the business.

In 1957 Donald and his son Homer made the entire business a Limited company. Homer took over the business in 1973, after his father died.

In 1975 Homer's son Roger started working there full time.

By 1980 10 people worked at the Janes' Brick & Tile Plant.

All the clay for the tile was bulldozed from the farm, then shoved into a large storage shed. From there it was conveyed along a railroad to the tile machinery. After processing and drying, the tiles and brick were fired in kilns by natural gas heat. All the products were sold within a 35 mile radius of the tile yard.

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