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from The Kilmartin Pioneers 1815-1855 by K MacKellar: The parents of Neil Livingston were "natives of Craignish parish, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire, Scotland. They settled in Aldborough, Elgin County by 1821 and came to live on N 1/2 Lot 5 Conc. 9 Mosa Twp. in 1829. The father, Neil, left to secure suplies but never returned.... In 1831 Janet was assessed for the farm and carried on in the bush (forest) with her eight children. She signed the grist mill petition of 1834, being one of two women to do so. In 1843 Janet and family were assessed as well on all of Lot 5 Conc.10 Mosa Twp, across the road, a partial gore lot of 178 acres. This was a clergy reserve.
Neil Livingston received the crown clergy deed in 1864. The lot was split length-wise with Neil retaining the NE portion and his brother John the SW portion, each with a house in the middle of the property.

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